Drawing upon his multi-instrumental background, Casey Buckley brought a number of different sounds together to create a wholly unique work of art – and yet, one that serves to further the American singer-songwriter tradition. His instrumental dexterity is representative of his approach towards life: whether it be languages, academic, or recreational pursuits. Rejecting the familiar idiom of a “Jack of all Trades, Master of None”, Casey is humbly pursuing the true archetype of a Renaissance Man: “Jack of all Trades, Master of Some”.

Buckley’s forthcoming album, “Take the Good”, is a record five years in the making. It’s an amalgam of life lessons during some very pivotal years of the songwriter’s young life, told through the stories of different relationships with friends, girlfriends, and his relationship with himself. In discussing the album title itself, Buckley offers, “‘Take the Good’ is not a lyric found anywhere in the album, nor is it a lyric in any other song. It holds multiple meanings that can be found in the many songs on the album. It can mean taking the good experiences and the good people with you on your journey, as in ‘Take Me There’. It can mean taking the good memories with you of past relationships and encouraging others to do the same, as in ‘Remember Me’. It can mean taking the good parts of yourself and moving on in life as you grow up, as in ‘Moment of Silence’. In a more light-hearted sense, it can also mean taking good songs out of the past five years of my life and only recording 12 for the album. I had originally planned on recording somewhere around 30 songs split among a couple albums and EPs until I decided to simply choose 12 and focus on one project. ‘Take the Good’ means all these things and more.”

“Take The Good” features the song “Moment of Silence”, a song Buckley wrote about a critical period of introspection. Buckley says “sometimes in life you’re fortunate to recognize a period of reflection is necessary, other times it’s thrust upon you. Regardless of how the situation comes about – it’s often a good idea to take a periodic inventory of the people in your life and how they play a part in the grand scheme of your journey. Sometimes you affirm that it’s wise to continue the journey with them. Sometimes the journey is best continued without.”

This thoughtful approach to songwriting is reflected throughout “Take The Good”, the debut album from a young man who aspires to contribute to the great narrative of folk and popular music for many years to come.